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Writer / Director / Producer

Guetty Felin is a filmmaker, writer, and producer of documentaries and narrative films. A native of Haiti, she grew up in New York and came of age cinematically in Paris while pursuing graduate studies in cinema. She went to work in production and distribution of documentary films and directed her first documentary Hal Singer Keep the Music Going. In 2003, she moved to Haiti and became head programmer for Festival Film Jakmel and director of the first cinema workshops; which planted the seeds for the creation of Cine Institute- Haiti's only film school on the south eastern coast. She is co-founder of the multicultural film company BelleMoon Productions. Her first feature-narrative film Ayiti Mon Amour was the first filmed entirely in Haiti by a Haitian-born female director. It premiered in Toronto, travelled in over 40 festivals around the world, and was Haiti's first ever entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Category for the 2018 Academy Awards. Guetty is the founder of "Les Lumieres du Sud" a cinematic encounter in the South of Haiti. She is currently producing Seeking Mavis Beacon and working on her second feature narrative, A Rooster On The Fire Escape.


Herve Cohen

Director / Cinematographer / Producer

Hervé Cohen is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer and has traveled the world to capture compelling stories for international productions: from the Amazon, filming a musical poetic piece about environment, to the countryside of China, following the work of three traveling projectionists; (Electric Shadows) via Senegal capturing the initiation ceremony of a young Diola (Sikambano, The Sons of The Sacred Woods); the entire United States, filming a family road movie during the Democratic Primaries (Closer To The Dream); Italy and Portugal for a series of portraits of Europeans, and of course Paris (where he is originally from) filming a personal story about the exile of the Algerian Jews "Another Life". Since 2016 he has embarked his most ambitious project  a multi-media endeavor and interactive web documentary entitled "Life Underground",  about metro riders in the subways of the world and their intimate stories and thoughts. More info: & Life Underground was nominated for best short series at the 2018 at IDA Awards. For Herve's complete bio/filmo please visit his personal site.
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