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Journey To The Center

Feature Length Documentary Written/Directed by Natalie Zimmerman

In Post-Production   


OCEANIA begins at the center of the planet on a coral atoll – predicted to become uninhabitable by 2030 due to rising sea levels and temperatures brought by climate change. We journey with a mother and her adult son as they struggle to maintain their culture, freedom and independence. In the wake of decades of colonizing encounters, we soon realize our seemingly disparate histories, experiences and fates — are all connected.


Director/Writer: Natalie Zimmerman
Writer/Creative Producer: Tekinati Ruka
Executive Producer:s: Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqtatsi, Anima Mundi, Visitors) and Guetty Felin (Ayiti Mon Amour, Seeking Mavis Beacon)
Producer: Sara Dosa (Fire of Love, The Edge of Democracy, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power)
Associate Producer: Lyn Collie (There Once was an Island/Te Henua e Nnoho, Crossing Rachmaninoff)


Production completed with 94-minute rough cut. Director recently nominated/awarded 2022 Filmmaker Residency with Woodstock Film Festival (funded by Gigantic Pictures/Theoria Foundation) where she worked closely with Barbara Kopple, Yoruba Richen, Alex Smith during the month of May 2022. Project selected and presented at Ji.Hlava 2021 New Visions Forum: US DOCS in Czech Republic.
LOOKING FOR FINISHING FUNDS VIA: grants and equity partners

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