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Journey To The Center

Feature Length Documentary  by Tekinati Ruka and Natalie Zimmerman

In Post-Production   


“MATANG is a place beyond the familiar

A place where the sun both rises and sets.

A place where a great many things are made –

and exchanged.

A place where many stories are told.


I live in the very center of our watery planet.

This place we call TUNGARU.

My home and our ways – 

all predicted to soon be washed away by the sea.

We too, have many stories to tell.” - Tekinati Ruka

OCEANIA: Journey to the Center, begins on a coral atoll – predicted to become uninhabitable by 2030, due to rising sea levels and temperatures brought by climate change. We are invited on a journey with a mother and her adult son as they strive to maintain their culture, freedom and independence after decades of colonizing encounters.


Director/Writer/Producer: Natalie Zimmerman

Co-Writer/Creative Producer: Tekinati Ruka

Producer: Guetty Felin (Ayiti Mon Amour, Seeking Mavis Beacon, Lights of Passage)

Music: Shahzad Ismaily

ExecutiveProducer: Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqtatsi, Anima Mundi, Visitors) 

Consulting Producer: Sara Dosa (Fire of Love, The Edge of Democracy, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power)
Associate Producer: Lyn Collie (There Once was an Island/Te Henua e Nnoho, Crossing Rachmaninoff)


As of August 2023,  Final Cut. Director recently nominated/awarded 2022 Filmmaker Residency with Woodstock Film Festival (funded by Gigantic Pictures/Theoria Foundation) where she worked closely with Barbara Kopple, Yoruba Richen, Alex Smith during the month of May 2022. Project selected and presented at Ji.Hlava 2021 New Visions Forum: US DOCS in Czech Republic.

LOOKING FOR FINISHING FUNDS VIA: grants and equity partners

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