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A Supernatural Horror story in development, written by Fedna Jacquet and directed by Guetty Felin

There’s no place like home ...right?

INHERITANCE is a modern Haitian ghost story  following three siblings as they travel from their comfortable lives in The States to their long-abandoned childhood home in the backroads of Haiti. Once there, they are drawn into a game of remembering the past exploding into a deadly confrontation with the secrets they thought were long hidden in the ground. We watch as our protagonists fight to reach a future, but not all survive.

A Note From The Writer:

"Our stories are usually plagued with inauthenticity or worse: pity. It is time to offer a wider audience the gift of fully immersing themselves into the life of a Haitian American family without any guards up. I want audiences to see them love, laugh, destroy, and create. See THEM, fully realized protagonists of color, not veiled in caricature, nor in the passenger's seat to someone else's story.

Let’s create a story where black people prevail despite circumstances of strife; let’s create a story where they shatter the stereotypes and thrive."

A Note from the Director

"Our goal is to make a commercially successful,modern character-driven horror film (that can also play well at major festivals) through a unique and pertinent feminine gaze. We have a very distinct vision of the story we want to bring to fruition, one that is rooted in Haitian aesthetics, folkloric authenticity and sincerity but also deeply influenced by our experiences as members of the Haitian Diaspora. Contrary to the recurring use of Haiti as a mere backdrop for others to project their fantasies and exotic gaze, in this film, Haiti is our familiar playground as Haitian storytellers to ceremoniously be critical while terrifying and spooking the audience."


Writer/Creator: Fedna Jaquet

Director/Producer: Guetty Felin


Currently Casting

Seeking to be in pre-production: Winter 2022/2023

Looking for Producing partners, equity investors.

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