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A Rooster On The Fire Escape

Writer/Director: Guetty Felin

In Pre-Production

When Hector Celestin takes his family into exile in the dead of winter of 1974, he was hoping to leave behind the traumas of the brutal dictatorship of his tropical native land but what he traded for their freedom summons a dark spiral from which they might not recover. Set against the backdrop of New York in the tumultuous 70s, A Rooster on the Fire Escape is a drama, which spans over 12 years, about family, love, betrayal and sacrifice, exploring politics under a repressive regime, immigrant status in America, and the fissures that personal secrets can cause to the fabric that holds it all together.

Director's Statement

I wanted to evoke a close-knit family of strangers, the repercussion of secrets, trauma and displacement, contrasted with the children’s joy and confusion as they re-invent themselves in a new place, in a new language. These parallel atmospheres collide and coexist, silence and whispers are interrupted by the soundscape of New York, the crowing of rooster, but also a soundtrack composed of disco, R&B of the 70s, Haitian compas, Latin-American boleros and French pop. I intend to create a rich and textured cinemascape that is rarely inhabited by people of color with nuanced characters and not archetypes, characters that are foreign and yet feel achingly familiar. The characters are gleaned from various people I knew growing up in Haiti and the United States. I intend to make a film inspired by reality but with the freedom to distort it to give it new meaning and resonance.

Partners:  Flourishing Films, JitterFlix 

Looking for Co-producing partners, Equity investors, pre-sales.

Anticipated Release: 2023

*Pitch deck and investors' prospectus can be furnished upon request.

Cannes Film Festival selected project "Atelier Cinéfondation" 2018


IFP Week "No Borders" 2018

Venice Gap Financing Market 2021

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