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   Lights Of        Passage

Writer/Director: Yeelen Cohen

Producer: Guetty Felin

Executive Producers: 

Souleymane Cissé and 

Kirsten Johnson

In Production

Two filmmakers at opposite ends of their careers, separated by oceans, find themselves cosmically connected through a name and a film. What starts as a playful personal documentary about the origins and identity of a name, spirals into an existential interrogation of the power manifested through image creation across continents that transmutes into the initiation journey of a young filmmaker in search of their own voice.  

Lights of Passage  is a hybrid biographical and autobiographical documentary, a cinematic baptism ceremony, and an homage to cultural preservation through ancestral storytelling practices. 

Partners: BPM, Field of Vision, BAVC, Mediamakers and Just Films.

Expected Release: 2024

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