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NEON and BelleMoon Co-production Announced in Deadline

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BelleMoon Director Jazmin Jones Featured in Fall 2021 issue of

Filmmaker Magazine

The Seeking Mavis Beacon team speak to Natasha Piñon at Mashable

"Seeking Mavis Beacon goes further and asks what it means — for the cultural representation of Black women, for our collective remembrance of digital spaces — that no one has tried in earnest to find the original Mavis until now."


BelleMoon Founder Guetty Felin's "A Rooster on The Fire Escape" is selected for Venice Gap Financing Market, announced via Cineuropa.

"The market dedicated to projects hailing from all corners of the globe and in the final phases of development and funding - whose teams can secure outstanding finance by way of one-to-one meetings with international sector professionals"

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BelleMoon Founder Guetty Felin's feature fiction narrative announced in Variety as selected for Cannes' Cinefoundation international co-production forum.

“A Rooster on the Fire Escape,” San Francisco-based Guetty Felin’s second movie after “Ayiti Mon Amour,” is a tale of an immigrant Haitian family in the U.S.

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