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Collectif 2004Images-Haiti, founded in 2003 on the eve of Haiti’s bicentennial, has been instrumental in the creation of the burgeoning film industry in Haiti. After having spearheaded major events in 2004 in New York ( Haiti On Screen) then Paris (Haiti En Seine) in commemoration of the bicentennial, 2004Images-Haiti, under the artistic direction of its founder Guetty Felin collaborated with Festival Film Jackmel (founded by the late Patrick Boucard and David Belle) to program films and initiate the first filmmaking workshops in Jacmel in the Southeast of the country in summer of 2004. The workshops were an immediate success and reoccurred for the two consecutive years of the festival until it’s final edition in 2006. In essence, these workshops planted the seeds for the emergence of Ciné Institute the only film school in Haiti founded in 2009 by the organization Artistes Institute. Throughout the years, the Collectif continued its mission in film education and production but also in job creation and training. It co-produced local and international films such as Haiti Bride by Trinidadian Yao Yamesar, Ayiti Mon Amour (Guetty Felin) and Zombi Child (Bertrand Bonello) thus creating a platform for professionalizing young Haitian film technicians. In January 2018, 2004Images- Haiti, launched Les Lumieres du Sud Rencontres Cinematographiques de Jacmel a cinema encounter to bring storytelling and images of the global south to Haiti while promoting and showcasing local Haitian films. The encounter is lays down the foundation for professional encounters between Haitian and foreign guest filmmakers, industry professionals. Just like the cinema workshops, Les Lumieres du Sud also became an automatic hit with over 10,000 attendees during a 5 -day event. The first year, we celebrated 30 years of cinematic oeuvres with special filmmaking duo César Paes and Marie-Clemece Blanc Paes. The second edition was dedicated to the African continent with a special homage to pioneer Malian, filmmaker Souleymane Cissé. It’s third edition was scheduled for fall 2020 in Cap Haitian to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the city. The festival hopes to relaunch in fall 2023. Collectif 2004Images- Haiti, is coming upon its 20th anniversary this year, throughout these two decades it has not wavered on its mission and continues to contribute to change in Haiti, image by image.



We are excited to be partnering with the Transcultura Program of UNESCO to promote emerging talents from Haiti at the EFM in Berlin 2023. 

For our partnership with the Transcultura Program of UNESCO we have selected the following projects:




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