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Seeking Mavis Beacon

Writer/Director: Jazmin Jones

Producer: Guetty Felin

In Post-Production

One of the most influential Black women in technology is a figment of our collective imagination. Mavis Beacon was invented by the Co-Founder of Myspace to sell the world’s most popular typing software, but the real woman she was modeled after disappeared in 1995.

Through reenactments, interviews, & vérité recordings, Seeking Mavis Beacon explores the past, present, and future(s) of two women who share a body, while considering critical questions about anthropomorphization, artificial intelligence, & autonomy.        


Partners: Neon, Field of Vision, Cinereach

Expected Release: 2024




hand (1)-1.webp

A BelleMoon & Neon Co-production

*12 minute sample available upon request

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