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  • 2016 Haiti - Haitian Creole, French, English and Japanese with English subtitles 

  • 88 minutes 

  • with :Joakim Cohen, Anisia Uzeyman, Jaures Andris, Pascale Faublas, James Noel Simbi Duplan

  • Images: Hervé Cohen

  • -Edited by Stephane Augustin, Isabelle Devinck 

  • Release: Winter 2017

  • Official Selection: TIFF 2016

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Haiti 5 years after the quake, on the outskirts of a coastal city, teenage Orphée, grieving the lost of his dad who perished during the earthquake goes swimming in the sea and emerges with his body holding an electrical current, of course with great power comes responsibility…Meanwhile Jaurès, an old fisherman who talks to his cow, struggles to look after his beloved ailing wife, Odessa.

Somewhere in town a muse loses patience with her writer and decides to leave him to go live her own life. Ayiti Mon Amour is a magic neorealist tale capturing the hopes and fears of the Haitian people at a critical moment in their history.


Created and shot by Hervé Cohen

Launced in 2016 - ongoing...

in multiple languages

Edited by Hervé Cohen, Yeelen Cohen

Co-produced by La Huit in France 

In the underbelly of buslling cities around the world, millions of commuters cross paths each day, each carrying a unique story.  An interactive web series that will launch in December 2016 

By Guetty Felin
  • 2012 Haiti - Haitian Creole and French,  with English subtitles 

  • 61 minutes 

  • Shot and edited by Hervé Cohen

Conceived, directed, shot and edited byHervé Cohen

Co-produced by La Huit Productions Paris

In this documentary, Guetty Felin turns her lenses towards the oldest neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and the most devastated by the earthquake of January 12 2010. She films the lives of people moving through the maze of the ruins and vestige of what was once the imposing cathedral Notre Dame de l'Assumption which has become, for the time, an amphitheater and surreal witness of the living conditions of Haitians in the area. This poetic cinematic fresco mixes children's games, songs and prayers of the congregation, a handicap hero, a group of vociferous women who come to the cathedral square to get away from the harshness of life, writers and poets and a mellifluous flow of other characters lend their voices to the chorus turning the cathedral into a kind of Greek forum where folks express their grief but also their aspirations for the country of their dreams. Beautifully photographed mixing cinema vérité and observational documentary style, this well crafted poetic film is personal and yet endearingly political. 


Written and directed by Guetty Felin

Images and edted by Hervé Cohen

Co-produced by Enfin Bref Productions Paris.


Winner :

Best Documentary FEMI Guadeloupe 2012

Best documentary Belize International Film Festival 2012

special Jury Mention Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

Official Selection Havana Film Festival


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